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F1heaven Returns

Welcome back! It's been a long time, too long in fact, since I was last updating the site. But after two months of work F1 heaven is back for good. We've been gone since the British GP for a couple reasons but after being away from the site I've realised how much it means to me. So that is why I've bought it back.
There may be a couple issues and there a few pages which I've yet to fully complete, but the neccessities are here and ready and I hope you like them.
Last time round, there were two of us working on the site but now, unfortunately it's just me. That means I'm looking for budding writers who would like to give up some time and write for us. Our aim is to give writers somewhere to post their articles and become better known. If you want more info about writing for us give me a mail at:
So, I hope you enjoy the site and look out for a couple posts coming out over this weekend and our magazine later this month.
Thanks for coming back,

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  1. Thanks Matthew, Was the commenting process easy enough? We had some problems back in June

  2. Jackie says:

    Hey Joe, glad you are back. I'm looking forward to seeing some cool new stuff

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