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Get well soon Bobby K

As you will know, Lotus Renault GP driver, Robert Kubica was involved in a serious rally accident earlier today in Italy. He sustained serious injuries but they aren't thought to be life threatening.

From everyone, we are all wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back on track very soon.

Best wishes,
The whole Formula One Community.

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Should Alonso fear Schumacher?

As part of the brilliant VivaF1 Blogger's Swap Shop, Matt Bacon of the Final Sector asks if Schumacher will be a threat to Alonso and his other rivals.

Last week Alonso during a press event said that he fears Michael Schumacher this season, a lot of people were quick to write off Schumacher’s first season but there were some glimmers of his former self like the defensive moves coming into corners or the move on Barrichello in Hungary which was highly aggressive move pushing him painfully close to the barrier. I don’t think you can ever write off Michael Schumacher as a contender as he was not the 7 times world champion for nothing but Formula one has changed a lot since then there is no in season testing which Michael used to do a lot of for Ferrari as he has a good technical knowledge of the sport and the cars involved.

The whole discussion depends on the Mercedes GP W02 if it’s a decent car or not if it’s a bad car to begin with compared to the Ferrari then Alonso has nothing to worry about to begin with but we know that everything in F1 moves very fast so who knows what happen. there are so many variables going into the 2011 season for teams, Kers is back and you know have a moveable rear wing when your 1 second behind the car in front. So in conclusion I think there is loads of reasons for and against the statement but we wont know until the red lights go out in Bahrain. I think the 2011 car will be built around Michael Schumacher as they are paying him enough money to drive for them, a insider from the team said that the car is exceeding expectations on the grip and down force front.

By Matt Bacon

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Fantasy League: The Rules

Welcome to the first ever F1heaven Fantasy League! In this post I'll be explaining the rules, I hope it isnt too complicated, but it should be understandable.

To win the game, you must get the most World Championship points accumulated by any drivers you pick. The points that each driver gets in the real championship will be reflected in the game.

You start off with 20,000 and have the ability to buy as many drivers as you wish with that money. If a driver does well, their value will increase and you will have the chance to sell them for a profit. With the extra money, you can then buy more/better drivers. However, a driver's price can go down with poor results.

The Wildcard is completely free and you can pick any driver you wish. However, once chosen, you can not change this driver. You can use your wildcard for no more than 5 races and you can pick at any time what race that will be. You will get the points the driver gets but not the money.

So that's it, have fun and happy fantasising!

You can play the Current round here: Rd 1: Bahrain

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Fantasy League: Pre Season Selection

Welcome to the first F1heaven Fantasy League. The form below is for the Bahrain Grand Prix and as it's the first race, i'll give everyone until midnight GMT on Friday the 11th of March.

To check up on the rules, see here

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Dawning Chorus for Bird?

As part of the Viva F1 Blogger's Swap Shop, guest writer Phil Jackson gives us his thoughts on Sam Bird's future.

The final weeks of the season have been pretty impressive for anyone keeping an eye on Sam Bird.

With an extended stay in Abu Dhabi providing the perfect stage for the GP2 driver, ending his rookie season, to show his talent.

A 15 place jump in the GP2 feature race and 3rd place in the rookie test time sheets just adding to an ever growing list of achievements the young Brit has racked so far in his fledgling career.

Having gone from, an unrepresentative, 18 placed grid slot Bird put on an impressive performance to climb all the way to third at the Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi. A course renowned for its limited overtaking spots, just ask Fernando Alonso.

The feat is even more extraordinary when you consider it took place in GP2, a formula with 24
identical cars making up the grid.

In the week that followed Bird got his first serious taste of Formula One during the young drivers test at Abu Dhabi. The full two day test with Mercedes GP undoubtedly coming due to an outstanding season in GP2.

Bird performed strongly on what is clearly one of his favourite tracks. He was given an important
role of testing the new 2011-spec adjustable rear wing for the Mercedes team, whilst also achieving an impressive third on the time sheets.

Bird’s CV, at 23, is pretty impressive. Two years in Formula BMW UK from 2004 onwards, finishing as runner up in the championship in ’05, was followed by a third place championship finish in Formula Renault UK in ’06. Progression through the ranks of F3 in ’07, ’08 and a hectic ’09 were rewarded with a GP2 seat for 2010.

Bird has performed well in GP2, and despite having abysmal luck through-out the year finished in fifth in his rookie season.

What does the future hold?

Seats in Formula One are rapidly becoming notoriously hard to pin down, with even talented drivers missing out. Nico Hulkenberg, for example, looks to have been shunned out even after that pole in Brazil.

Ousting him from his seat at Williams is GP2 champion Pastor Maldonado. Who, despite strong
running all season and a decent end of season test outing in Abu Dhabi, is rumoured to have got the seat due to a substantial cash backing.

But this does not mean that raw talent cannot reach the big time, and Bird should not be deterred.

Prior to the “rookie tests” in Abu Dhabi, Bird was concentrating on cementing his GP2 future, before looking into the pressure cooker of Formula One.

“I hope to be in GP2 next year, if not with the same team [ART] then with a very good team and try to win the title. But it’s too early to say on an F1 role” he told Autosport in early November.

Despite the massive British involvement in Formula One as a whole, there is currently a lack of
British drivers out on track.

Hopefully, from a patriotic point of view, Bird’s early promise can be a sound nesting, before his
career can start to fly in Formula One.

By Phil Jackson

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