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Williams run out of time to fix car

2010 Monaco Grand Prix
After both of their cars experienced major crashes at Monaco, it has been a race against time for them to build new parts. Unfortunately, they have run out of time and will revert to an old specification at Istanbul. Surely, though, it would make sense for teams to have a spare part. I mean really, this is what my friend has dubbed a 'Virgin-level' mistake (sorry Timo fans!). Unfortunately, these are becoming all too common in F1, for example, McLaren left a bung in Jenson Button's radiator, AFTER BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz told them it was there. With the new points system, where we have already seen Lewis Hamilton punished for failing to finish a race, although not through fault of his own, will these mistakes have a significant mark on the championhip result?
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  1. Anonymous says:

    yay im that friend!!!!!!!! nad yes they afre virgin level mistakes. stupid mclaren and cmon williams how hard is it to make a few parts ou have 2 weeks. silly people. gooo lotus

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