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Fantasy League: The Rules

Welcome to the first ever F1heaven Fantasy League! In this post I'll be explaining the rules, I hope it isnt too complicated, but it should be understandable.

To win the game, you must get the most World Championship points accumulated by any drivers you pick. The points that each driver gets in the real championship will be reflected in the game.

You start off with 20,000 and have the ability to buy as many drivers as you wish with that money. If a driver does well, their value will increase and you will have the chance to sell them for a profit. With the extra money, you can then buy more/better drivers. However, a driver's price can go down with poor results.

The Wildcard is completely free and you can pick any driver you wish. However, once chosen, you can not change this driver. You can use your wildcard for no more than 5 races and you can pick at any time what race that will be. You will get the points the driver gets but not the money.

So that's it, have fun and happy fantasising!

You can play the Current round here: Rd 1: Bahrain

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