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Why we need freedom in F1

Formula One and Space are surprisingly very alike. NASA spend millions, if not billions of dollars on research and development each and every year. Whilst F1 teams also spend millions on research and development. So over the years we have had great inventions come from these pinnacles of science down to us in everyday use.
Formula 1 has had a great relationship with innovation since it's birth. Over the years we've had lots of truly great ideas completely revolutionise the way we live. F1 has given us most recently, KERS. KERS is now starting to enter itself into the commercial car market inside more expensive cars at the moment, but I believe before long, KERS will show up in a strong majority of road cars. 2009 was the year we had KERS in F1 and in that season, Mclaren were the only team that used it from beginning to end. So Mclaren clearly mastered KERS but now it is Ferrari who have released the first KERS Road Car - the 599 HY-KERS. This is very interesting for how the future may look like, we could be seeing electric cars that charge their batteries under braking.
But quite possibly Formula 1's most renowned invention was traction control. It now appears in just about every new car, and it has been a benchmark of safety engineering. And there's others too, the development of carbon fibre, ground effect and monocoques. F1 has brought loads of new safety designs including the driver's safety cell and ABS. It has even developed disc brakes, mid engine mounting and computer controlled suspension. All these components are well set in everyday life now and a lot more new technology will show up in road cars soon.
So, where am I going with this? Well, over the last few years, The FIA and the like have been 'dumbing' Formula 1 down. There are now more restrictions this season than I can remember in the past.
Professor Rick Delbridge, told BBC News;

(New regulation and cost pressures are) "closing the spaces where innovation is encouraged - or even allowed"

So if F1 has no innovation and is dumbed down then everyday objects could also suffer from the same fate. The last time Formula 1 teams were truly 'free' to develop was probably the late nineties. At the moment we are at a huge moment in history over the next few decades we will see a transition from fossil fuels to green energy. So with the long CV that F1 has in finding new solutions, green fuel may not be a bad idea. Personally I'd love to see bonuses for teams who choose to develop their own green car, just like the budget cap gave teams less restricted rules. I'm all for new technology and I cant wait to see what the future holds. Joe

I'm sure that what I've said will be pretty controversial! So give us your thoughts below, I cant wait to see what you think!

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